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Plastics and Elastomers

General requirements for components in plastics and elastomers, plastic injection parts, Plastic granules, Moulded Elastomer Parts and more

Verschiedene Gegenstände aus Kunststoff auf weißem Hintergrund

The following overview informs you about our general requirements for plastics and elastomers.


Plastic injection parts

  • Complex geometry and design requirements
  • engineering and high-performance plastics
  • Mold Flow Simulations

Plastic granules

  • engineering and high-performance plastics
  • 1A-type with certificate

Plastic turned and milled parts

  • Complex geometry
  • Tight tolerances
  • For technical and high-performance plastics


Material requirements: FFKM, FKM, EPDM, NBR

Moulded Elastomer Parts

  • for dynamic and static applications
  • Micro Parts
  • Elastomer-metal bonded parts
  • Diaphragms
  • Some with fabric inlay
  • hundredth tolerances


  • Punched, water jet cut and laser cut parts
  • hundredth tolerances
  • Some with fabric inlay


  • According to ISO 3601

Other materials
Graphite gaskets
Ceramic parts

Special Requirements / Certificates
Material Approvals: e.g. Drinking water approvals, food industry approvals, DVGW EN 549, USP Class VI, oxygen applications.
Conformities: e.g. FDA, RoHS, REACH, ADI-free

Currently we are looking for  new suppliers for the following sectors / types of parts:

  • Plastic injection moulded parts made of PVC
  • Plastic parts with metal coating
  • Elastomers: Low-temperature materials (-40 ° C) with very high chemical resistance
  • Micro-elastomer-metal bonded parts